If all we had were Jesus's words, would that be enough?

      Some Bibles have the words of Jesus (Yahoshua)  in Red Letters. Far too many people say, the whole Bible is the Holy,  unchanging WORD of GOD without errors. That means they have never seriously studied it closely. I found a dozen errors  just in the four accounts called gospels.  For example, Luke names 13 Apostles

     I have been studying the Bible for over 50 years and conclude that only the Red Letter words spoken by Yahoshua can be      considered  fully reliable. Not even the black letters of the four, anonymous, Gospel writers are reliable for they often add their  own erroneous comments and contradict each other.

      Yahoshua said, Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away."Mark13:31
     Anything that agrees with the Red Letter words is part of the Gospel and anything that doesn't, is not part of the  Gospel.

     I had a vision of Yahoshua in 1977 and he assured me his words would come to pass. He spoke to me about a New  Translation. 

     My work is an attempt to clarify and make the Gospel  message easier for English speakers.

     I have used the  Dynamic Equivalency Method used by the NIV. That means it is not a literal word for word  translation,  but an attempt to write the meaning intended by the original writers.

     I do not belong to any religion or cult. I have no followers. I want no followers. I am not selling anything or asking for  money.   I am not giving you a  predetermined, sanctioned,  theology. I follow only Yahoshua. I do not believe in  forming groups. Where two or three  are gathered in his name  you'll find him there.

     I am far from perfect and if there is good here, I give El Shaddai the praise, and if I have missed the mark, I take the  blame.

     My definition of the Gospel is this:  It's a report  about the King,  El Shaddai, and how to enter his kingdom through  the Spirit/angel Baptism at the hands of Yahoshua who is actively  baptizing people today.

Red Letter???